Power and Potential. A Comparative Analysis of National Laws and Regulations Concerning Women’s Rights to Community Forests

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The Rights and Resources Institute’s (RRI) new report provides an unprecedented assessment of the status of developing countries’ legal frameworks regarding women’s community land rights, and whether states are meeting their obligations under national and international laws. It also provides a baseline with which to measure global progress and report against the Sustainable Development Goals related to women’s rights and reveals that governments. Finding show that governments are not providing equal rights and protections to indigenous and rural women and are failing to meet their international commitments to do so. And that secure community land rights and legal advancement of women often go hand in hand, greatly contributing to secure rights for entire communities, as laws that protect women’s rights to community forests are more likely to safeguard the forest ownership rights of entire communities. The report also highlights the links between domestic violence laws and inheritance rights.

Sustainable Development Goals